Papaya – Banana Smoothie


Smoothies are just as good as they sound, they go down smoothly thus ensuring that you get the necessary nutrients and vitamins inside you without much of a struggle of a feeling of disgust one you have finished off the shake. By preparing a papaya-banana smoothie, you will have taken advantage of the digestive enhancements in the papaya as well as a boost in energy from the banana hence making the combination one of a kind in alleviating hunger and keeping you full of energy and a proper digestion.

What you will require for the preparation of the smoothie is simply some milk, bananas, papaya, yogurt, ice cubes and some vanilla which have to be combined and blended together for about two minutes before finally being served. You have to ensure a smooth texture that does not have any rough bulbous pieces and serve in a large glass for it to go down well.

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